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ah, inca o carte exceptionala
..13 [utilizator], Joi, 5 noiembrie 2020, 22:44
scrisa tot de Margaret Mac Millan "War - How conflict shape us"

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"Economies, science, technology, medicine, culture: all are instrumental in war and have been shaped by it - without conflict it we might not have had penicillin, female emancipation, radar or rockets. Throughout history, writers, artists, film-makers, playwrights, and composers have been inspired by war - whether to condemn, exalt or simply puzzle about it. If we are never to be rid of war, how should we think about it and what does that mean for peace?"

este absolut fascinanta cartea - merita sa o cititi daca sunteti familiarizati cu limba engleza...Merita din plin.

Mai ales ca ceea ce traim acum este un fel de razboi Repet, fascinanta cartea